Nextel Features

Nextel offers series of functionalities to scale up business Sales, Supports and Marketing

Contacts Data Management

Businesses can capture and manage their leads and customers data using Nextel. Nextel offers tools and integrations to fetch contact information

How to import contacts?

Building Chatflow (Chatbot)

Nextel offers a feature called “Chatflow” that allows businesses to create and send predefined messages in response to customer inquiries. Quick replies / List replies can be sent automatically or triggered manually by a customer service representative, and can help businesses save time and improve their customer communication efforts. To learn more about How to build a Chatflow?

Here we can also assist you with chat automation if you are curious to know 

Chat Routing

Routing in Nextel is an automation feature used to update ticket information and assign tasks based on keyword matches. It helps to streamline the customer service process by automating certain actions such as sending notifications or assigning chats to specific team members. To know more about this feature and its capabilities, What is routing and how to setup routing with Nextel

Team Inbox & Routing

Nextel offers a “team inbox” feature that allows your business teams to manage and respond to customer messages from a single account. This feature allows businesses to assign messages to specific team members or a team, track ongoing conversations, and get performance reports. To learn more about What features does Nextel Team Inbox offer?

Broadcasting (Manual Message)

Nextel offers a “broadcast” feature that allows businesses to send messages to large numbers of people at once. Since WhatsApp groups are not allowed in Nextel due to WhatsApp API limitation and to overcome this limitation, Businesses can use contact attributes to send broadcasts to specific contacts. This feature can be used to send promotional messages, updates, or other types of information to customers. The broadcast feature is only available to businesses that have been approved by WhatsApp and have a WhatsApp Business Account. To learn more about How do I create a new Broadcast Campaign?

The following support pages can also assist you with your broadcast and bulk messaging requirements

Send Campaign without adding contacts in your active customer database

Auto / Triggered based Campaigns

Nextel offers a unique feature of Auto Message, that none other API platform offer. Auto messages are triggered-based campaigns that are sent to users on or after a particular action has been performed by a user. Here are few small examples of what can be set as auto messages:

  • Send reminder messages 24 hours, 3hours and 15 minutes before your zoom call and a feedback message 10 mins after the call is completed
  • Send WhatsApp message to user soon after a phone call conversation is cut by the agent and series of messages on 3rd day, 5th day and 7th day to engage with the user

These campaign can be triggered on any of the standard and custom attribute value change. How to start with Nextel Auto campaign?

Calls Tracking

Nextel’s Call Tracking allows you to track all incoming, outgoing and missed calls information into system. You can enable calls tracking of your teammember to


Nextel Offers 20+ third party app integrations in e-commerce, lead generation, data management platforms including Shopify, Woocommerce, Zoom, Google Sheet, Indiamart, JustDial, TradeIndia, ExporterIndia, Zoho CRM, Zoho Booking, My Pipeline, Lead Squared, Facebook, Pabbly, Zapier and more.

The integration

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