Send Auto Message on Whatsapp

Auto messages are outbound messages that can be automatically sent to a segmented audience. To send auto messages, conditions/rules using attributes data need to be defined. An approved template has to be selected and edited for the particular use case.

Only templates can be sent as auto-messages. 

The conditions defined by set rules to segment your audience must get satisfied for an auto message to be sent to a user. The date and time of the message can be set. 

To send the message again to the same user, a repeat time needs to be set.

A time frame can be selected to send auto-messages. Or a stop date and time can be set to stop sending a message. 

Path to auto message

Nextel -> Message -> auto-message

Set live an auto-message

  1. Select WhatsApp as a channel
  2. Choose your audience by implying rules to filter your target group
  3. Write your message: select a template and replace variable values with the content/value you want to send.
  4. Set a stop date (optional)
  5. Set delivery hours: select a time frame during which message will be sent (optional)
  6. Set a repetition time: message will go to same users again after the period set is over (period starts when the message is sent once). The message will be repeatedly sent after ‘repetition time’ gets over. (optional)
  7. Set live.

Select done after every step.

Select audience

The total audience can be filtered by using the option after selecting one of the given 3 conditions. 

Match Any (Or) – If any one of the specified rules applies to the user, he/she will get included in the target group for the campaign. 

Match All (And) – If only all the specified rules apply to the user, he will get included in the target group for the campaign. 

Conditional – And/ Or condition can be applied simultaneously. 

Add rules

Add rules by selecting attributes data like source, email, name, etc. Selecting conditions help you to select or eliminate the audience by applying the filter.

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