Templates approved from WhatsApp can be broadcasted to run campaigns on WhatsApp. The campaign message must first be submitted to WhatsApp for approval. When approved, the template can be sent out to a segmented target group by using various filters.  

WhatsApp broadcasting operates in 3 tiers. On the very first day, when a business starts broadcasting messages for its campaign, the business is restricted to sending 1000 maximum messages. In the first tier, only 1000 maximum messages can be sent in a day. In the second tier, the limit is raised to 10,000 messages per day. And in the third tier, the business can send one lakh messages every day. 

To jump to the next tier, businesses need to pass a certain threshold of messages that they are sending. For reaching the next tier, businesses need to send the 2X number of messages in aggregate than their present message limit.    

Path To Broadcast-

Message -> Manual message -> New manual message -> Sellect channel (WhatsApp) -> Choose your audience -> write your message -> Set a send date -> Set live

After selecting WhatsApp as a channel, you can choose your audience by applying various filters to your total audience.

Applying filters-

The total audience can be filtered by using the <add rule> option after selecting one of the given 3 conditions. 

Match Any (Or) – If any one of the specified rules applies to the user, he/she will get included in the target group for the campaign.   

Match All (And) – If only all the specified rules apply to the user, he will get included in the target group for the campaign.     

Conditional – And/ Or condition can be applied simultaneously.

Adding rules

Rules can be added for audience segmentation by using attributes data. The audience can be granularly segmented by including/excluding different attributes.    

Add rules by selecting attributes data like source, email, name, etc. Selecting conditions help you to select or eliminate the audience by applying the filter. 

Write your message-

You can choose from any one of your approved templates and broadcast it. Variables can be replaced with content or key values.

For adding new media, the path to the media file needs to be added to the variable value.

Set a date

Send now and Schedule, both options are available. You can set the date and time to broadcast the message or send it instantly. 

The option for distributing the audience over several days can be used to distribute the audience. This option is helpful when the specified threshold for sending outbound messages is not reached.

Once you schedule a broadcast, it can be rescheduled before it goes live. After a campaign goes live, it can’t be stoped in between.

Set live

Select the <go live> option to schedule or send your campaign. 

Click done after choosing your audience.

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