Deleting data

Audience data from Nextel can be deleted. To keep your audience number under the limit of your bought plan, the audience can be filtered, and their attributes data can be deleted in a chunk of 50 people at a time or you can also delete all the audience data at once.

Deleting data removes people and any conversation you had with them on Nextel. Deleting data on Nextel takes time (depending on size of audience to be deleted).    

Path to delete

Home -> People -> More -> Delete 

Filter audience to delete  

The total audience can be filtered by using the option after selecting one of the given 3 conditions. 

Match Any (Or) – If any one of the specified rules applies to the user, he/she will get included in the target group for the campaign. 

Match All (And) – If only all the specified rules apply to the user, he will get included in the target group for the campaign. 

Conditional – And/ Or condition can be applied simultaneously.

Add rules

Add rules by selecting attributes data like source, email, name, etc. Selecting conditions help you to select or eliminate the audience by applying the filter. 

Be sure about the data you delete. Deleted data can’t be recovered in any case.

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