Create Custom User Attribute

An attribute is a category that holds a certain type of facts/ figures about a customer. It tracks and records the changing status and actions of the customer. It can be designed as and when needed, depending upon the type of business model.

Say for example, for a restaurant business feedback is an important attribute while for an educational business course in which the student might be interest is an important attribute.

Depending upon the client base the nature and usage of various attributes changes. They help in obtaining the trajectory of business with each lead/customer. Also, attributes can be used to segregate data into multiple segments for better observation and understanding.

Here’s, how you can create a custom attribute:

  • Click on People on your Dashboard.
  • Click on a drop down field besides Audience in the top right corner.
  • To use an existing attribute, select the attribute from the list.
  • To create a new attribute click on Add new attribute.
  • Write the name of the desired attribute -> select the type of attribute (example Text, List, Date, Number, Date-time, Time) ->click on Save.
  • The new attribute will start appearing in the audience on the right most position along with the other attributes.

Note: The attributes’ position can be rearranged by dragging the attribute to the desired position in the drop down list. The filling and changing of data associated with the attribute can be changed for each member in the audience by clicking on the audience member.  

Things to be taken care of:

  • Attribute names are case sensitive and can’t contain periods (‘.’), dollar signs (‘$’), characters like ~`!@#%^&*'{}|\'”  or the NULL character.
  • Attribute values must be sent as JSON strings, numbers or booleans (true or false). Object, nested hashes and array data formats cannot be accepted.
  • Text string values can only hold up to 255 characters.
  • Never create a Custom Attribute with same name as Standard Attribute. 

To Delete/Edit an existing attribute you can go to Settings -> click on App Settings -> click on People Data

-> click on the edit button next to the attribute name

-> click on Delete or Edit the attribute.

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