Shopify Integration

Nextel’s Shopify WhatsApp Automation + Commerce is sales channel app that lets you

  • Send abandoned cart recovery messages
  • Share order updates : created, shipped, out for delivery, delivered
  • Take order feedback
  • Post positive order feedback on your shopify store (via
  • Create WhatsApp catalog and commerce
  • Promote catalog, products and limited-time-offers with your customers

Steps to install Nextel into your Shopify account

Before initiating the installation, please login into your Shopify store admin and Nextel account

  1. Search Nextel or WhatsApp Automation + Commerce app on Shopify appstore. Direct link:
  2. Click on Add App button
  3. Click on Install button to allow permission to the app
  4. After successful installation, you should view WhatsApp Automation + Commerce app on left menu: place your cursor and click on pin icon
  5. From the app screen, click on Get Started to move to the next screen, for connecting your Nextel account > Buying Plan > Setting up API
  6. In the first pop-up option click on Create Account button, If you already an active Nextel account running then you will be redirected to your home page of dashboard with an alert to connect Shopify store with Nextel account > click on Allow and wait till you see account successfully connected popup window.
  7. (Optional) If you do not have an active Nextel account, please select from our Monthly or Yearly plan (35% discount) to start using Nextel. Once you have enabled the plan, you can yourself complete the WhatsApp API setup or connect with our support team to assist.

Your Nextel account is now connected successfully with your Shopify account

Creating Catalog on Meta and connecting it with WhatsApp API number

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