Integrate Zoom With Nextel

Credentials of registered zoom attendees can be imported to Nextel. All the information available in the zoom form created for the registration of the attendees can be seen in attributes on the Nextel dashboard.  

The zoom data can be further used to connect with the attendees on different channels through automated campaigns. Customized forms can be created on zoom to gather data about attendees who register for the meeting. Only a licensed zoom account can create the registration form for joining a meeting.   

To integrate Nextel with your Zoom, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Zoom app marketplace: & Sign In
  2. From the right top, select Develop > Build App
  3. Select Webhook Only to create the App
  4. Enter as the App name.
  5. Enter the App details 
  6. Copy the verification token and paste it below
  7. Under Event Subscriptions, turn the toggle to green. Add a subscription name as Registrants and add Event type “Meeting registration has been created” from Meeting event type.
  8. Under events select all events you wish to import on Nextel
  9. Copy below webhook URL and paste it to zoom dashboard.
  10.  Select continue. Your app is now activated.

After integration, the zoom widget will turn to <reconfigure> 

Use zoom integration to send WhatsApp notifications and alerts, or indulge your attendees in a conversation. 

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