Nextel Forms

Nextel forms is a feature which can be used to track down walk ins and simultaneously save their data directly to the business’s dashboard. This reduces a lot of manual effort of data entry as well as data maintenance becomes very easy.

Nextel forms can be created from the dashboard and used at multiple places as links. The audience gets auto updates as soon as a form is submitted.

Note: All the fields mentioned on a Nextel form need to be mapped with an existing attribute on the dashboard, hence, it is necessary to first create the necessary attributes with respect to the form to be created.

How to create a Nextel Form ?

  1. Go to Settings on the dashboard -> click on App Settings -> go to Forms.

  2. Already created forms will appear on the screen as Recent forms.

  3. To create a new form click on Create New.

  4. A Draft Form opens -> fill the title -> fill the required question/ fields.

  5. You can select the type of answer you want the customer to fill.

    Short Answer : Text Limit 25 characters eg. name
    Long Answer : Text Limit 160 characters eg. address
    Check Box : To select multiple options
    Radio Button : To select one option
    Date Button : To select a date
    Select Box : To select one option out of a drop down list
  6. It is needed to map every field with an existing data attribute on the dashboard so as to save the data.

  7. You can choose which field to be made mandatory to fill and which not.

  8. After filling in all the fields you have to submit the form.

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