Nextel Forms

Nextel forms is a feature which can be used to track down walk ins and simultaneously save their data directly to the business’s dashboard. This reduces a lot of manual effort of data entry as well as data maintenance becomes very easy.

Nextel forms can be created from the dashboard and used at multiple places as links. The audience gets auto updates as soon as a form is submitted.

Note: All the fields mentioned on a Nextel form need to be mapped with an existing attribute on the dashboard, hence, it is necessary to first create the necessary attributes with respect to the form to be created.

How to create a Nextel Form ?

Nextel provides you with a feature to create Whatsapp forms for customer engagement, feedbacks, surveys etc.

Here is how you can create a whatsapp form from Nextel:

  • From your Dashboard > Profile > App Setting
  • From App Setting > Whatsapp > Form


  • From Dashboard Select Template > Form
  • Click on Create New to create a new form.
  • Enter the name of the form and select a suitable category from the drop-down menu
  • Click on Continue. A create flow tab will appear to create a form.
  • Click on Add new to add a screen to your form. Name the screen and click on add.

Note: You can add multiple screens to your form.

  • Select the screen you added to add and edit the content of your form
  • Click on Add Content.
  • There are various types of content elements available to choose from.

Text – You can use this to provide Headings, Sub-headings, body and captions.

Text Answer – You can use this element to ask text answers. It can be short answers, paragraphs and date picker.

Selection – This can be used for Questions with options. You can ask for single choice or multiple choice answers. You can also provide dropdown or opt-in options.

  • Enter your label and from the Save in drop down menu select the attribute in which you want to store your data in the system.

Note: You can see the preview of your form on the preview section on the right side of the tab.

  • Add content according to the requirement and name the button according to the number of screens in your form. To go to the next screen, name the button continue and name it submit at the end of the form.
  • Once you’ve added the content, proofread your form and Click on Save.
  • Go to the form Section on your Nextel app and you’ll see your form in draft mode.
  • When the form is in draft mode you can edit, delete and preview the form.
  • To publish the form, Click on publish from the dropdown of the action icon.

To execute the form you created, follow these steps :-

  • Go to Chatflow from your dashboard
  •  Create a new block.
  • Enter keywords for the new chatflow.

Note: You can create chatflows according to your requirement.

  • Go to the elements available and click on Forms.
  • Select the form you want to add to the chatflow.
  • Give your form a header, Enter body text and Enter the button you want in the form.
  • Save your Block
  • This is how your form will look to the whatsapp user.
  • The data entered into the form by the user will be displayed here.
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