Capture facebook leads

Leads data from Facebook lead-ad forms can be captured and brought to the Nextel dashboard. The answers from your leads to the ad form questions can be seen in attributes data.

Facebook allows you to send an instant form with your lead ads. When a Facebook/Instagram user clicks on the ad, a form opens. The user can fill the form and submit it. The instant form can be used to accumulate data about leads who are interested in your product/service. 

The Facebook lead forms can be customized to ask questions to gather data that is relevant for your business. Prefilled questions can be included in the form so the data available about the user on Facebook automatically gets filled. 

Configure on Nextel 

Configuring will allow Nextel to import the leads data to Nextel. The attribute data in the tag column will indicate Facebook as a source. 

While filtering data on Nextel to target Facebook leads, the <source> option can be used to select out Facebook-sourced data. 

Path to configure       

Nextel -> Setting -> App Setting -> App Integration -> Configure (Facebook) -> Add leads

Capturing facebook leads on Nextel will help you integrate your leads data with data captured from all other sources. The leads data can be used to launch automated targeted campaigns on other platforms such as WhatsApp.

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