Data from the Indiamart platform about a product, inquiry city, mobile number, etc can be imported to Nextel. A unified view of all the leads’ data imported from the various channels along with Indiamart can be seen in different attributes. 

Leads’ data is updated every one hour on the Nextel dashboard. 

To integrate your Indiamart with Nextel, all you need is a key that can be easily generated from your Indiamart account.

 Enter your key and mobile number registered with Indiamart to integrate with Nextel.

Configure Indiamart


Nextel -> Setting -> App Setting -> App Integration -> Indiamart (configure)

A window opens after you click on <configure(Indiamart)> 

To integrate your Indiamart, insert the mobile number registered with Indiamart (first) and the key generated from the Indiamart account (second). 

Tick key boxes for the kind of data you want to import. You can save the data in an attribute by selecting it from the corresponding dropdown option.   

Select <configure> to see selected data of all your leads on the Nextel dashboard.  

key details example

Manage keywords

Download sample Excel sheet and enter ‘keywords’ that customers usually use to search for your products. The product and its ‘keywords’ need to be edited in the downloaded sample excel sheet in the same format. Submit the excel sheet after listing all the keywords for all your products.

Adding keywords to products will match all the searches containing the ‘keywords’ to the corresponding product. An attribute named ‘Indiamart_category’ will indicate the product name when any of its keywords are searched.

Keywords need to be brainstormed by the businesses for efficient lead management.    

Points to remember

  1. The key will expire in case there is no user activity through the generated CRM key in the last 15 days. In such cases, you must generate the key again.
  2. Be careful that the API-Key is a secret key to get your Lead data from IndiaMART, if it is leaked or shared with anyone else, then all the data related to your leads could be easily accessed.

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