Google Sheet can be integrated with Nextel. All the data from attributes (people section) can be exported on a Google Sheet and also the data filled in the Google Sheet can be brought to form attributes. 

Google Sheets can be integrated into three different ways

  1. Sync G-Sheet (cron: 1-hour update)
  2. Configure (using app script in G-Sheet: real-time update) 
  3. Chat flow 

Sync G-Sheet 

In the people‚Äôs section, a Google sheet can be synced. All the data in different rows could be seen in different attributes columns on Nextel. 

When G-Sheet is synced, data is updated on Nextel every 1 hour.  


Home -> People -> More -> Sync G-Sheet 

Google will ask for confirmation from your google account to sync the sheet (Pic-1). After selecting the boxes allowing access to Nextel (Pic-2). A window on Nextel will open (Pic-3), giving you the option to import customer data or leads data. 

Select the sheet you want to sync from your google drive. (Pic-3) 

Click on <Map Attributes> to sync. 


When G-Sheet is configured, data from the sheet is updated on Nextel (attributes) in real-time. To configure, a code block needs to be added as an app script in the Google sheet you want to configure. 

Path to configure

Home-> Setting-> App Stting -> App Integration -> G-Sheet (Configure)

Path to App script

Google-Sheet -> Extensions -> App Script 

Steps to Configure 

  1. Click on configure (Gsheet) 
  2. Copy the code:

function CELL_CHANGED(row) {



var options = {

‘method’ : ‘post’,

‘payload’ : JSON.stringify(row)


UrlFetchApp.fetch(‘’, options);

return “Updated to Nextel”;


  1. Go to the Google sheet you want to add data from
  2. Click on <Extention> 
  3. Select <App Script>
  4. Paste the code copied (step 3) after clearing the sample format written there. 
  5. Click on deploy 

Chat flow

Data collected from users while conversation can be saved in a Google-Sheet. To collect data G-Sheet option needs to be executed in the chat flow. A sheet needs to be added by giving Nextel permission to access your google account. 

To execute G-Sheet in chat flow. A sheet needs to be selected to save the responses of your leads/customers. A cell from google sheet needs to be selected in which the data will get listed. 


Home -> Chat -> Chatflow

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