Auto Boost

Auto Boost is a feature which allows a business to boost an advertisement each time they put a post up on their Facebook page. Such that the reach of a post is not only to the people who follow or like the page but also to the targeted audience of the business.

It is at times tedious for businesses to boost a post every time a post is put on the page and hence, auto boost is the best option to minimize the effort and time in shooting an advertisement.

Each post on the Facebook page is boosted for that day automatically on the selected audience.

Through this feature one post can be boosted on multiple audiences but it can only be operated from Nextel mobile application.

How to put an Auto Boost ad?

  1. Visit Engage and click on Create Ad.

  2. Click on Auto Boost to boost all your Facebook posts automatically for 1 day.

  3. Select whether you want to boost the ad continuously or for selected days.

  4. Choose your Audience .

  5. Select the Budget with respect to the number of audiences you want the ad to be boosted on.

  6. Select the placement on Facebook/ Instagram or both, select the Objective and Place Order.

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