Loop teammates into conversations

Often a teammate needs peer opinion or assistance before replying to a user query, or may be they’re better placed to answer. You can @mention any one of your teammates so they get notified straight away and directed to that conversation.

Note: The mentioned teammate should either be the lead manager or your manager or admin to view the customer conversation to reply.

Start your message @ to view all your teammates, choose the one whom you want to loop, type in the rest of the message you want to convey to your teammate and press Send. The respective mentioned team member will receive a notification on web dashboard and mobile application of the same.

How can you use @ mentions for looping teammates?

Here are just a few examples of how you can discuss a conversation behind the scenes:

Answering questions

Your clientele might pose numerous inquiries regarding your enterprise and its utility. However, there will be occasions when you encounter a particularly intricate question for which you lack an immediate answer. In such instances, seek assistance from a seasoned professional to tackle the challenge or consult a product manager to elucidate the recently launched feature.

Sharing ideas

Frequently, engaging with a customer can ignite a creative spark. They may offer numerous insights into product usage and suggest desirable features for future development. Occasionally, their inquiries prompt the thought, “This could be an excellent case study for our blog.” In such instances, you can promptly involve your content writer and discuss the idea on the spot.

Spotting sales prospects

You’ll typically discern when a customer should be referred to your sales team. It’s seldom as simple as a user explicitly asking to “speak with a sales representative.” More often, it involves recognizing hints indicating they require assistance in determining the appropriate subscription tier, feature package, or tailored plan to address their needs. You can involve your top-performing sales representative in a promising dialogue and inquire whether they wish to handle the communication.

Sharing favorable feedback

Receiving positive feedback is always appreciated. It’s thoughtful to acknowledge your teammate when a customer praises them in a message. Similarly, involving your product designer in conversations where customers are complimenting a newly launched feature can be beneficial. Additionally, sharing positive customer quotes that can be utilized in marketing materials is valuable.

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