When WhatsApp API is in operation, chats can only be handled through the Nextel chat panel. The chat panel allows you to manually chat, send templates, quick replies, send media, and add user notes and tags.

Switch to the manual mode to operate chat manually.    

In the bot mode, only predefined templates are sent. 

Using chat manually

To operate in manual mode, the switch at the top needs to be on the side of the human-face icon. When in bot mode, no option in the chat-box is available. 

All the users are visible on the left of the screen. Users can be searched by simply typing their names in the search. Unread messages from a user are highlighted beside the name of the user.

The profile of the WhatsApp user can be seen on the right side of the screen. The profile includes name, number, profile picture, and all the attributes of the user available with Nextel. Extra tags and user notes can be added with the user to stay updated about previous discussions. 

Quick replies can be added to send messages instantly. 

Create and send quick replies

Quick replies are short texts (single word) that can be substituted for long messages, media, documents and, videos in the chat. You can just enter the small text (quick reply), and the intended large message will be sent to the user.  

Businesses need to constantly reply with similar messages to many inquiries from the customers. These recurring messages can be turned into quick replies that can be sent as session messages. 

To create a quick reply: 

  • Click on the <add new reply> option below the user profile.
  • A window opens, where you can select the type of reply you want to send (Text, Image, Document, or Video). 
  • Write text or upload your file. 
  • Make the quick reply text by adding slash (/) at the start of the quick reply. Ex: /payment, /update, /offer, etc.

Chat-box options

The chat-box has options that allow you to send text, media, templates, emojis, and quick replies.

The send option can be switched to either enter to send and click send option.

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