Data from the Indiamart platform about a product, inquiry city, mobile number, etc can be imported to Nextel. A unified view of all the leads’ data imported from the various channels along with Indiamart can be seen in different attributes.  Leads’ data is updated every one hour on the Nextel… Continue Reading Integrate Indiamart With Nextel

Control if teammates can send messages, run ads, delete users and more. Sometimes you don’t want your every team members to have access to everything in Nextel. It’s easy to give certain members of your team access to certain data and features in Nextel. In the teammates section of your app settings… Continue Reading Permissions: Restricts team access

An attribute is a category that holds a certain type of facts/ figures about a customer. It tracks and records the changing status and actions of the customer. It can be designed as and when needed, depending upon the type of business model. Say for example, for a restaurant business… Continue Reading Create Custom User Attribute