Sequence Explained

Sequence lets you build cohesive campaigns with WhatsApp channel. This flexibility, combined with nuanced targeting based on your customer data makes for the ultimate contextual messaging experience.

Nextel visual builder makes it super-easy to orchestrate even the most dynamic messaging journeys.

Sequence is made up of ‘blocks’

There are four kinds of block:

A rule block is where you define the filters that a customer must meet to enter a sequence, or proceed to a specific path.

You can filter based on customer data attributes, or interactions with previous parts of a sequence.
A WhatsApp block is where you choose the pre-approved template that your customers should receive.

WhatsApp blocks can have a specific scheduling and
A wait block lets you define a specific time period, or date that must pass before customers will proceed any further through a sequence.
A tag block lets you automatically apply tags to customers as they complete their journey through a sequence. You can tag customers when they match the filters for a rule block, or based on interactions with message content.

Blocks are connected in paths.

You can create a simple linear path like: Entry rule for Existing customers – Onboard message – Post onboard messages – Features Tour.

Or create a sequence with diverge and converge paths, based on delivery status of the WhatsApp message.

How to build a Sequence

Using conditions in rule block

Wait blocks

Tag blocks

Attribute blocks

API blocks

Setting goal and exit rule

Setting sequence live

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