Multiple programs can print to the queue at the same time; Windows keeps track of which pages belong to which document. Click on the Program Settings tab and select the program you want to choose link a graphics card for from the drop down list. Now select preferred graphics processor… Continue Reading How to properly update device drivers on Windows 10

When playing Warzone on an older gaming rig, you’ll need to sacrifice visual quality for performance. We recommend having everything here on Low or Normal so your game isn’t choppy and frustrating to play. NVIDIA’s DLSS technology allows players with RTX graphics to see much higher FPS when playing Vanguard… Continue Reading Need help about amd chipset drivers CPUs, Motherboards, and Memory

New drivers often mean better compatibility between a device, such as a mouse, and a computer operating system. Sometimes, though, device drivers don’t work the way you expect them to. For example, a new driver might cause your mouse to stop functioning, making it difficult to work on projects for… Continue Reading What Can Happen When Trucking Companies Hire Bad Drivers?

The operating system includes improved support for biometric authentication through the Windows Hello platform. Devices with supported cameras allow users to log in with iris or face recognition, similarly to Kinect. Devices with supported readers allow users to log in through fingerprint recognition. Support was also added for palm-vein scanning… Continue Reading Fix: Bluetooth Missing and Disappeared on Windows 10