Google Sheet can be integrated with Nextel. All the data from attributes (people section) can be exported on a Google Sheet and also the data filled in the Google Sheet can be brought to form attributes.  Google Sheets can be integrated into three different ways Sync G-Sheet (cron: 1-hour update)… Continue Reading Google Sheet Integration

Auto messages are outbound messages that can be automatically sent to a segmented audience. To send auto messages, conditions/rules using attributes data need to be defined. An approved template has to be selected and edited for the particular use case. Only templates can be sent as auto-messages.  The conditions defined… Continue Reading Send Auto Message on Whatsapp

Credentials of registered zoom attendees can be imported to Nextel. All the information available in the zoom form created for the registration of the attendees can be seen in attributes on the Nextel dashboard.   The zoom data can be further used to connect with the attendees on different channels through… Continue Reading Integrate Zoom With Nextel

WhatsApp credits are prepaid. The charges are debited from available credits visible at the top under the <Remaning Credit> option. The credits are deducted according to the templates sent count and session initiated count. Sessions and templates are charged according to the plan.  See charges distribution Path to WhatsApp credits … Continue Reading Understanding WhatsApp Credits

Data from the Indiamart platform about a product, inquiry city, mobile number, etc can be imported to Nextel. A unified view of all the leads’ data imported from the various channels along with Indiamart can be seen in different attributes.  Leads’ data is updated every one hour on the Nextel… Continue Reading Integrate Indiamart With Nextel

When WhatsApp API is in operation, chats can only be handled through the Nextel chat panel. The chat panel allows you to manually chat, send templates, quick replies, send media, and add user notes and tags. Switch to the manual mode to operate chat manually.     In the bot mode, only… Continue Reading Understanding Chat Panel

Templates approved from WhatsApp can be broadcasted to run campaigns on WhatsApp. The campaign message must first be submitted to WhatsApp for approval. When approved, the template can be sent out to a segmented target group by using various filters.   WhatsApp broadcasting operates in 3 tiers. On the very first… Continue Reading Broadcast a WhatsApp campaign