Insights are the statistics of all the inquiries and leads with timely variations which depict the exact growth of the business in terms of customer building and retention.

Audience Insights

It gives you statistics of:

  1. All the leads and customers on a date timeline.

  2. All the new entries on a weekly as well as monthly basis.

  3. All the variations in Registrations by Weekday comparison.

  4. All the Lead Conversions.

  5. The Growth Rate of the leads and customers.

Conversation Insights

In Conversation Insights the statistics of the Chat Bot are observed which include:

  1. The frequency of Conversational Messages.

  2. The periodic Agent Sessions.

  3. The Average Response Time of the Bot.

Phone Insights

In phone insights, the telephonic conversations (incoming/outgoing/missed) done by the deployed phone number are monitored and displayed in statistical format, including:

  1. Number of Incoming and Outgoing calls.

  2. The Call Duration of the inquiries, which can be monitored on all deployed phone numbers individually.

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