It is now possible with Nextel to send each person a unique series of Emails based on their individual behaviors towards various campaigns.

To nurture a lead properly it is important to monitor each lead with utmost perfection to the level of their behaviors towards various campaigns. Getting them on board with the business and keeping them engaged and re-engaged with the business so as to convert them sooner and retain them too becomes easier when the campaigns run on them are smarter.

Smart Campaign is the need of the hour, since every customer perceives a business differently and hence they need to be followed up differently. The traditional way of campaigning forces people to understand complex processes, while through smart campaigning you can decide what to be sent and when to a customer.

To create a smart campaign:

  1. Visit Engage on your Dashboard, click on Smart Campaign.

  2. You will be able to see a list of all the Live/ Paused/ Stop/ Drafts Campaigns, with the details such a its Title, Sent, Opened, Delivered, etc.

  3. Click on New Smart Campaign to design a new smart campaign.

  4. It is important to set a goal or trigger point at which a customer enters into the campaign, hence, filters are put on certain attributes to decide which audience enters/exits the campaign.
    It is first important to put the right filter to filter the targeted audience.
    Click on All/CUSTOMER/LEAD under the Audience Tab.

    ->Add a rule/rules.

    -> Match Any/All the rules.

    -> Set another rule/rules for a selected audience.

    -> Click on Done.

  5. Select the span of time for each smart message -> click on New Smart Message.

    -> Add an Existing or a New Auto Message.

  6. Put creative content and design smart campaign as per the need of the campaign.

  7. Go Live.

Note: 1. The Smart Campaign Tab is only accessible to the Admin of any Nextel User.
2. Multiple consecutive campaigns can be set to check for Audience behavior.

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